28 Nov

As a matter of fact, everyone would like to enjoy good health. Today, the internet provides so much information on how you can live a healthy life based on the food you eat. Basically, the food you eat will have an effect on your health either positively or negatively. For a long time, however, people have relied on healthy eating tips some of which are not scientifically proven. Nowadays, an emerging scientific field known as nutrigenomics is helping to bring a new order in nutritional health.

Basically, good nutrition will contribute to good health significantly. However, every person is biochemically and genetically unique. Today, genetic testing at home is increasingly becoming popular. As a result, more people are able to know their genetic makeup. However, nutrigenomics looks at how your genetics and the food you eat interact. Basically, the food you eat and your genetics will make you healthier or result in a disease.

For instance, healthy fats like the avocado have been scientifically approved. However, some people are likely to gain more weight than other due to gene variation. On the other hand, your genes will influence how certain nutrients such as vitamin D are absorbed into the body. For instance, you could still eat food rich in vitamin D but your gene variation may suggest you need more supplements.

Therefore, knowing your genetic blueprint is important to know the kind of nutritional supplements you need. Basically, nutritional supplements are intended to offer the nutrients that are insufficiently consumed. Such nutrients are such as vitamins, proteins, minerals, and amino acids among others. Through nutrigenomics, you can effectively know what your body needs. You can, however, know your genetic blueprint through DNA testing. By knowing where you are nutritional wise, you can reach where you intend to go.

Because nutrition and health go hand in hand, the first thing should be to understand the unique biology of your body. This will help in attaining a balance through healthier eating habits. However, nutrigenomics is transforming even the healthcare sector functional medicine. In this case, the patient and the doctor work together to know the cause of the disease. Because of this, even diet recommendations are changing. Actually, there is no one size fit diet for all. This is because everyone is genetically and biochemically unique. Get additional details about Ancestry Login here!


At the same time, Nutrigenomics is improving prescription medications as well. This is because some medications will react differently just like certain foods. This will mean that prescriptions are also personalized.

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